Tuesday, July 28, 2009


True to our adventure spirit, our T&T Tennis Group once again (July 24-26) journeyed to Thailand (Phuket) for another celebration (see the Krabi celebration below). This time we flew - travel time one way was only 1 hr 15 min. And the occasion was for our Kath's Annual Golden Day. Also, this time, the group was extended to include Kath's daughters and her other friends.

And, of course, LL was our chief "orq...niser" (to borrow her term) of events when in Phuket. She also brought along her huge home-made b'day cake. The 1st night was definitely the Ladies' Night, with LL leading the ladies away elsewhere - after dinner - to titillate their other appetite. The men, looking for the same excitement, were somewhat let down that night. Ah Ghee, chosen as the leader since he had earlier said Phuket was his grandpa's hometown which he had so often visited, did not meet expectations. The men ended up in a drinking "spot" where what they could see was football on the screen. Sadly they found themselves back in the hotel much earlier than the ladies.

The ladies obviously enjoyed their 1st night. On the 2nd night, when we were all gathered in the b'day girl's room, they were still re-living their earlier experiences and teasing us men with demonstrations of the gyrations and other actions they had seen onstage.

Without doubt, all of us had a great and memorable, fun weekend. Apparently, much preparations had been done prior to the trip - from the early cheap booking of air tickets to the arrangement for pickup and stay at the posh and conveniently located hotel. To Kath, Farid, LL and others who had helped in organising, the rest of us say "A big thank you". And, thanks again Kath & Farid for your generosity.

Pictures instead of words....

At the Pg airport, Fri 24 July 2009:

A lovely reception at Phuket airport - in an aircon bus to the hotel:
How lucky can some people get!!!

Strolling along Patong Beach:

Hi Loy! Shall we go back again and try out your zoom this time?

Frolicking in the hotel pool:
Synchronise swimming? Wait... I too can do!

Ai..ya.. I can't get my legs up lah...

Punishment for failure...

To the floating restaurant for lunch....
When it comes to food and drinks (not necessary in that order), Saw is happiest!

Getting Ready For Dinner

The B'Day Dinner - a real treat from Kath & Farid...